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Fireside Quilts is proud to collaborate with Nancy Roelfsema and the crew at OnPoint-TV to bring you the best videos on learning how to quilt.

Nancy has the heart of a teacher! She brings her know
ledge, skill, sense of humor, and a dose of reality/humility to her videos.
Join with us to watch Nancy and the crew at OnPoint-TV guide us through the Learning to Quilt pattern that Nancy developed.

The Learning To Quilt Pattern can be purchased through OnPoint-TV.  All of Nancy's recommended tools and be found here at Fireside Quilts.

Anatomy of Fabric
Power Cutting

Click on the link below to purchase Nancy's Favorite Notions
60mm Olfa Rotary Cutter

How to Make a Nine Patch Block

How to Create a Rail Fence Block

How to Create a Half Square Triangle

How to Make a Pinwheel Block

Tips for Squaring up Your Block

How to Create Flying Geese

How to Make Connecting Corners

Connecting Corners Tip

How To Fold Fabric On The Bias

How To Create & Use Bias Strips

How To Mark Your Base Fabric For Machine Applique

Tools To Use For Invisible Machine Applique

Invisible Machine Applique - Step 1

Invisible Machine Applique - Step 2

Invisible Machine Applique - Step 3

Invisible Machine Applique - Step 4

Hand Applique Tools

Hand Applique Needle & Thread Tip

Hand Applique Turning Technique with Stabalizer

Hand Applique Technique Using Perfect Circles

Hand Applique - The Stitch

Paper Piecing Tools

Paper Piecing - Part 1

Paper Piecing - Part 2

Review of Nancy Roelfsema's Learning To Quilt

Introduction To Coping Strips

Coping Strip Techniques For Your Quilt

Applying Coping Strips to the "Learning to Quilt" Quilt

Thread Color Choice for Quilt Blocks

Introduction to Quilt Settings

The Difference Between Straight & On-Point Settings

How To Set A Quilt On-Point Using Blocks With Wonky Settings

Using Setting Squares & Triangles & Corner Triangles In Your Quilt

Introduction To Quilt Borders

Cutting and Piecing Your Quilt Borders

How To Piece Border Strips On To Your Quilt

Completing Your Learning To Quilt Top

How To Piece and Prepare The Backing Fabric For Your Quilt

How To Baste Your Quilt

The Difference Between Straight Line Quilting & Free Motion Quilting

A Practical Guide To Quilting Your Quilt

The Difference Between Stippling & Meandering

Quilting The Quilt Demo

How To Create A Label For Your Quilt

How To Make A Hanging Sleeve For Your Quilt

How To Create A Straight Grain Binding