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Summer has arrived!
At least this week in Michigan 

It has been a crazy, exciting year already.  You may notice a new look around here with the new logo.  Hope you like it as much as I do!
Is anyone else as excited as I am that quilt shows are back?!!  So exciting!  I did the one in Grand Rapids in April and will be in Fort Wayne in June and Ann Arbor in July.
We have so many new fabrics and more keep coming so stay tuned to the New Arrivals section!  I am listing them as fasting as I can so check back often.
As you may all know, prices of everything have gone up exponentially, including shipping.. unfortunately, I must raise the flat rate shipping to $8.00 while keeping the free shipping at orders over $75.00. this change will be effective July 18, 2022. I am looking at various other shipping options to help lower the cost and will adjust back down if I can. Thank you for your understanding.

My word for 2022 
FORTITUDE - I have needed this!  
I want to be braver with my quilting, step out of my comfort zone to learn more, take my small business to new levels and help others grow and finally do more charity quilting.




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