Scissors for Quilting

Have you been using your ordinary household scissors for all the cutting you do with quilting? If so, shame on you. I bet you’ve noticed that you’re not getting good edges when you cut fabric or that that pair of scissors is quite clunky for cutting tiny threads. If you’re going to be a proper quilter, you’re going to need some scissors to go with the rest of your quilting supplies. In this article, we’ll [...] Read more »

Quilting Kits

Are you searching for ways to make your quilting experience easier, faster, and more enjoyable? Did you know that you could combine or even eliminate entirely all the painstaking fabric, pattern, and color selection and time-consuming fabric cutting? If you get a quilt kit, all of that will be taken care of in one fell swoop. Just pick out your kit and begin quilting! If you’re not yet convinced, let me sing the praises of [...] Read more »